Why The Skin Cancer Practice?

The Skin Cancer Practice as an extension of Ellen Health only selects highly qualified medical staff dedicated to the field of skin cancer medicine and surgery.  We are passionate about what we do, and your skin wellness is our priority.

Our skin cancer physicians are both highly experienced and undertaken further training exclusively in the field of skin cancer medicine. Their reputation is based on their provision of meticulously thorough full skin examinations and dedication to early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers. As such, we ensure that our patients are allocated adequate time for their skin check appointment as thorough skin screening takes time.

Dr Taylor is Australian trained and has worked alongside skin cancer specialists and plastic surgeons over his years as a specialising doctor. He is able to perform complex surgical repairs including skin flaps and skin grafts when required.

Dr Taylor and our team use the latest high-powered dermatoscope and ensure every site is reviewed and every spot is checked. This is particularly important as some skin lesions may look benign to the naked eye, but suspicious with high powered magnification. He provides evidence-based surgical & non- surgical treatments and these are always performed with careful planning, precision, utmost care and individualization to consider each patients needs.

Our friendly team of doctors, surgical nurses and receptionists all work in synergy to ensure that all our patients are treated in the same way we would expect ourselves and our families to be treated – with care and attention to detail. No referral is required to be seen at the clinic and all our staff are committed to delivering exceptional care to our patients every time they visit us.